In the Universe, everything is energy. From the planets that revolve around the sun to the thoughts that permeate our minds, everything is composed of this vital essence. It is fascinating to imagine how this energy interacts and shapes our destiny. Every action, every choice we make, emits a unique vibration that reverberates throughout the cosmos. It's as if we are constantly weaving the fabric of our destiny. Discovering more about this energy, understanding how it influences us and how we can use it to our advantage is an important step towards achieving a full and meaningful life. Therefore, dive into this universe of possibilities and uncover the secrets that destiny holds for you.

Astrology Taroth & Kabbalah by Art Machado

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Welcome my website my name is Artur Machado, I live in São Paulo , Brazil and I am an astrologer and working with esoteric sciences, like us Tarot, Kaballah, Crystals, Herbal baths and also I am High Priest of Umbanda. I am ISAR membership - International Society for Astrological Research ( California, USA) and I have my Tarot Professional Certification from USA, Canada

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